Friday, August 28, 2009

Gmail: Right to Left Formatting

Sometimes you don't want you entire email to be right to left, but only a section, and this is why I think that it should be an applicable style.

Gmail: Archive, then...

If you're trying to plow through the hundreds of emails in your inbox, it might be hand to have an option to go to the next email in your inbox after you archive a message. At the moment it just goes back to the Inbox.

Gmail: Gmail as an IMAP Client

We all love Gmail. We never want to click out of that Gmail browser window. For many of us, we wouldn't ever have to leave that window if we could access our work email, or god forbid, yahoo or hotmail in Gmail. That is why Gmail should act as an IMAP client for other mail services.

Gmail: Search Attachments

You should be able to search for attachments by name. What would be more helpful would be to search the contents of files sent to you, the text in files, or even the metadata, although I doubt Gmail has the ability to index the contents of you email attachments.

Gmail: Drag and Drop Attachments

Why can't we drag and drop an attachment into an email and just send it? It would make life so much easier. Same with embedding photos into our email.

Gmail: Styling Signatures

In most desktop mail clients you are able to fully customize your signature with different fonts, or styles. Another great thing would be having the ability to embed photos into your signature, and have custom aligning of your text, and those photos. This feature is not available in Gmail at the moment, and I really wish it were.

Gmail: Delete Attachments

If you are one of the early adopters of Gmail, and use it constantly, it is possible that you could fill the 7.5 GB storage (as of 8/28/09.) In this case, it would help if you could delete an attachment from a message, but still keep the message itself. It would also be useful if you could forward a message without the attachment.

Gmail: Chat History Sorting

Wouldn't it be nice if google gave you an option to sort your chat histories by the person you're speaking to, instead of the date and time the chat took place? Just a thought.

Gmail: Storage Concept

Anybody using Gmail can agree that with almost 7.5 GB of storage (as of 8/28/09) and growing, they never have to worry about running out of space. In fact, I only use 3% of that space after 3 years of using Gmail. Most of them would also agree that it can be complicated keeping track of an old file they received in an email. They want universal access to it across any computer or mobile device, anywhere in the world. So how can they do that? Well, at the moment they can download the file to their laptop, desktop computer, and phone. And email it to themselves after making changes, then re-downloading it to the other devices, overwriting the old file. Now we come back to those extra GBs sitting on the Google sever just waiting to be used. I think that there should be a way to upload your files, and organize them in a simple file structure, just like you would on you computer. Unlike on your computer however, files could easily be emailed with a click. They could be transferred here from an email with a click, and easily uploaded from your computer. Also unlike the desktop of your computer, they can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and on any device. This would be a great use of your extra Gmail storage space, andif you run out, you can easily upgrade your space with a "Google Shared Storage Plan."